New Domain, Fresh Coat of Paint

Welcome to the new look Brandthropologist… now on a dedicated domain, sporting a new visual identity. Backstory… My original domain – –

The Empire Strikes Back

Bricks V Clicks – the Empires Strike Back

Bricks and mortar retailers have been struggling for some time with the rise of “show-rooming” … retail consumers looking at products in-store, but then


Brand Blunder #48: Not So Well Fargo

Storied US brand Wells Fargo is being lynched by its own senior management, following revelations that the bank incented employees


Our Artificially Intelligent Future

After my presentation to the EngageInbound event in Dubai, I was asked by a Dubai newspaper, the Khaleej Times, to share my


Wrigleys Trumps Trump Junior

Confectionery manufacturer Wrigleys showed how to elegantly manage a social media crisis when it was inadvertently drawn into a US election maelstrom this

Samsung Note 7

Samsung’s Galaxy Brand – Up in Smoke?

You’re one of the world’s premier mobile phone manufacturers. You’ve invested in innovation and best practice emulation for more than


How Technology Helps Build Strong Brands

At the 2016 Retail Show in the Middle East I was asked for my thoughts on the role technology plays


Bricks and Mortar AND Mobile

To see how mobile marketing can help bricks-and-mortars make ends meet, take a look at the new app IBM just launched for

IBM Watson Trend

Computers as Coolhunters…?

“Coolhunters” – people who spot and predict cultural trends and new product popularity – have been offering their quirky, intuitive services since the 90s.  


Donald Trump's Communication Masterclass

Clever YouTube communication analyst, The Nerdwriter, has analysed the way Donald Trump uses language differently to other candidates, and provided fascinating insights that challenge the orthodoxy


The More Polish, the Less Brand Authenticity

One of the interesting side-effects of the rise of social media is the way consumers have become increasingly savvy about,


Apple Looms Among Luxury Brands

In another sign of the looming Applepocalypse for Luxury Watch Brands, Apple is now creating more buzz in luxury watchmaking social

Smartwatch History

Time Running Out for Luxury Watchmakers

Luxury watch makers seem lethargically complacent about the extinction level event confronting their industry. It’s not as if they haven’t had enough time to

Shell Devil

Shell in NGO Hell

Shell was the “most disliked” company by pressure groups last year, according to a survey by consultancy Sigwatch. Monsanto, which makes genetically modified food,

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