Top 5 Drivers of Brand Engagement

A new study identifies the five most important factors which drive brand engagement. HelloWorld, a loyalty and CRM technology firm,


The Nostalgic Return of a Design Classic

The iconic Kodak logo – once one of the world’s most recognisable – has been revived. Original designed by Peter Oestrich,


13 Words that Aggravate Customers

These useful tips about words we should avoid using when dealing with online customer complaints come courtesy of Jay Baer, the


Brand Blunder #51: NFL’s Surface Tension

A key Microsoft promotion for its Surface line of tablet computers has been shattered – literally – by a disgruntled NFL


Will data drudgery kill creativity?

The growing availability of data is enabling a revolution in modern marketing. But does more science mean less creativity and fun in the profession…? 


Update to Brand Blunder #48: Wells Fargone

I recently explained how the Wells Fargo brand was being lynched by its own senior management. I suggested CEO John Stumpf


Client Meeting tips from the Master

One of the world’s most successful advertising executives, the late David Ogilvy, once provided this useful advice on how to run successful client


Brand Blunder #50: Samsung Fuels Galaxy’s Funeral Pyre

My early admiration for Samsung’s deft handling of the initial recall of the Galaxy Note 7 has been firmly displanted by dismay.  


Programmatic Ads Paying Big Dividends

Programmatic advertising – buying media using automation and data to match ads with individual customer profiles across multiple networks –


US Media Spend Still Down, More Digital

The Economist magazine shared this useful video showing how the mix of advertising media mix in the US has changed over


Samsung’s Woes Worsen

Of course, Samsung are not out of the woods yet… not by a long shot. … (I)f the replacement phones exhibit

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