Payless experiment proves the value of a prestige brand

Budget shoe brand Payless has shown just how much value can be added by premium branding. Payless invited social media

Brand Blunder #114: new brand never even had a chance

New brand launches are expensive.   After all the brand strategy and product design work which led to the decision to

Why some retailers opted-out of Black Friday this year

“Black Friday” (the day after US Thanksgiving)  has become retailers’ biggest annual sales event.  However, a number of brands opted out

Brand Blunder #113: D&G in the poo over offensive Chinese promotion

Fashion brand Dolce & Gabbana was forced to cancel its first ever Shanghai fashion show last week after on online

Kleenex strikes a blow for gender equality

Tissue brand Kleenex has reacted to concerns about gender bias by renaming its “Mansize” tissues to “Extra Large”. “Mansize” tissues

Did local burger chain knowingly cook up legal controversy?

Brisbane fast food minnow Burger Urge won headlines last week playing the victim to burger behemoth McDonald’s. But was it

Advertiser jumps on ‘banned wagon’, earns free media

Rock bands have often shown how getting banned can be great for business*.  Now a UK advertiser is showing how brands

Brand trust key to consumer purchasing, survey finds

Brands which fail to establish trust will lose to brands that do, according to a recent survey by SurveyMonkey. The survey

Prince’s estate to protect purple in perpetuity

The estate of late great pop artist Prince has applied to trademark the late pop star’s signature colour. Purple was

Brand Blunder #112: is cultural misappropriation still in Vogue?

Fashion mag Vogue has once again been accused of ‘cultural misappropriation’ over its latest photo shoot. The latest criticism comes in

New tool aids brand safety in OOH ads

MOVE, the audience measurement system for out-of-home media in Australia, is helping advertisers avoid placing inappropriate advertisements near schools. Under Outdoor