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US telco AT&T – caught out last week trying to make some of its mobile phones appear like newer generation

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In a reversal of the previous trend* for holding companies establishing umbrella brands, a growing number of successful brands are

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It’s rarely wise to put media companies offside… their access to unlimited communication bandwidth makes them powerfully vocal adversaries. However,

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UK to formally ban harmful gender stereotypes in ads

Harmful gender stereotypes will be formally banned from UK advertising from 14 June 2019. As foreshadowed earlier this year, the

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Budget shoe brand Payless has shown just how much value can be added by premium branding. Payless invited social media

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Fashion brand Dolce & Gabbana was forced to cancel its first ever Shanghai fashion show last week after on online

Kleenex strikes a blow for gender equality

Tissue brand Kleenex has reacted to concerns about gender bias by renaming its “Mansize” tissues to “Extra Large”. “Mansize” tissues