Trials of Celebrity Trademarking: real doctor sued by rap “doctor”

Celebrity trademarking may have reached its nadir this week, with rapper Dr Dre failing in his bid to prevent a real doctor

Sports star wins ‘messi’ trademark battle

Prominent Barcelona FC forward, Lionel Messi, has finally scored a win in his seven-year campaign to register his name as a trademark.

Competition: McDonald’s isn’t lovin’ it

Pop Quiz: can you think of a burger chain with the word ‘Mac’ in it? Well of course you can. 

Scots rally to the defence of their brand

Scotland risks losing its unique national brand through Brexit-driven efforts to promote British food labelling, according to campaign group “Keep Scotland

Brand Blunder #104: ‘Ethical’ fashion brand lives in glass house, throws stones

When a brand stakes out the high moral ground and criticises its competitors, it had better be genuinely “holier than

Brand Blunder #103: Brusque Musk dilutes his “secret sauce”

Concerns are growing that entrepreneurial genius Elon Musk may lack the temperament to lead Tesla to a stable, profitable future.

Brand Blunder #102: Elon, Ego, Egone…?

That Elon Musk is a genius seems beyond question.  However, his behavior in a public earnings call last Wednesday afternoon

Music beats visuals in shaping brands: research

Music may be more effective than visuals in shaping perceptions of a company’s brand, according to a new study of 1000

Ford to slash advertising

In a story all too familiar to cash-strapped marketerers everywhere, Ford Motor Company will slash its advertising and sales incentive budgets

Telcos top airlines to become Middle East’s most valuable brands

Two telcos have soared above the Middle East’s airlines to become the region’s most valuable brands, according to the latest

Brand Blunder #101: Blokey brand ‘blackmails’ customers

Blokey men’s fashion brand YP Threads gave itself a wedgie this week when its customers failed to see the humour

Brand Blunder #100: advertising smoke screen as finance industry burns

Australia’s Banking Royal Commission is bringing to light the plethora of illegal practices routinely inflicted by banks on their hapless