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New Mandatory Data Breach Notifications – $2M fine may be the LEAST of your worries!

With mandatory Data Breach Notifications being introduced in Australia tomorrow, it’s worth bearing in mind how the damage to the

News Corp banks on new campaign’s familiar Pedigree

Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp Australia is launching its first umbrella brand campaign today … and hoping for a better outcome

Counterfeiters: Diesel can’t beat ’em, so joins ’em

Fashion brand Diesel is taking a novel approach to the perennial problem of counterfeit goods, using ‘fake’ merchandise to launch

Brand Blunder #97: Mercedes ad backfires in China

Brand Blunders of the cultural kind continue to plague global brands. German car manufacturer Mercedes is the latest to demonstrate

Brand Blunder #96: Zara skirts issue of cultural misappropriation

Appropriating other cultures’ unique characteristics in marketing campaigns is an increasing brand issue. Recently, I reported on efforts by the

Amazon the surprise winner in latest Brand Value ranking

Amazon has shot past rivals Google and Apple to become the world’s most valuable brand, according to the latest Brand

Cleveland Indians strike out controversial team logo

The Cleveland Indians baseball team will finally bow to pressure and stop using their controversial “Chief Wahoo” logo on team

Opinion: Facebook’s ad ban is a slippery slope

OPINION: It seems to me that Facebook crossed an important line today when it announced it would ban all ads

Brewer singled out in Elvis trademark battle

The brewers of a popular British craft beer are in the Money Honey* having defeated theĀ estate of the late Elvis

Global marketing showcased across 30 hour work day

Here’s an interesting idea for those managing global brands and worldwide marketing teams… The brainchild of IBM Geography Marketing leadĀ Caroline