7 Brand Promises to Make (and Keep!)

Your company’s brand can be thought of as a promise to your customers.  

Writing for THINK Marketing, author and entrepreneur Neil Patel outlined seven brand promises he believes a brand can make to keep customers coming back for more.   Here’s a precis of his thoughts.

1. The promise to save time.
Time is a limited commodity, and some customers will pay to have more time back in their lives.

2. The promise of happiness.
Great brands make customers happy. Making them happy – and keeping them happy – is key.

3. The promise to be there.
Keeping lines of communication open, and inviting, keeps your customers engaged (and away from the clutches of your competitors).

4. The promise of purpose.
People want to belong to a greater cause.  Making your brand stand for a greater cause, helps your customers fulfill that ambition.

5. The promise of convenience.
Customers generally crave convenience, and will pay for it.  we’re willing to pay a lot for convenience.

6. The promise of fun.
If you can make your customers’ journey fun, you’ll be rewarded with smiling customers.

7. The promise of quality.
Products and services must always be fit for purpose.  The higher up the value chain, the greater the expectation of great products.

Of course, making brand promises is easy.  Keeping them – consistently – is the harder and more important part!

Consistently delivering on brand promises, through every interaction and product experience, makes your brand strong, authentic and attractive.

Note: As stated in the opening paragraphs, this post is based significantly on an article authored by Neil Patel and published on THINK Marketing.  I have both summarised and added to Neil’s work in some areas.

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