Research shows why it’s time to retire “Ad Mum”

New research in Britain by Saatchi & Saatchi and Mumsnet shows how traditional research and marketing techniques have been selling the

Strong brands find it easier, cheaper to raise funds – study

A strong brand doesn’t just generating new sales, it also boosts a business’s ability to raise new funds, according to

How brand lovers hoard – research

58% of food brand lovers admitted to hoarding their favorite product, according to a recent study released by Foodmix Marketing Communications.

Beckhams Begin NextGen Brand Protection

Brand-savvy former Spice Girl, now fashion designer, Victoria Beckham, has trademarked her daughter’s name across the EU. Harper Beckham, a

Why Consumers Boycott Brands – Study

More than a fifth of consumers have boycotted a brand as a result of a scandal or negative press, and

Could blockchain be the Next Big Thing for Marketing?

One of the hottest new technologies in recent years is Blockchain… a ‘shared ledger’ that enables companies to track transactions in

Brand Blunder #74: Flying the Unfriendly Skies

United Airlines violent forced offloading of a passenger – prioritising seats for its own employees – has lots of customers vowing to

Which brands (US) teens think are “cool”

Claiming to be a window into the “the most informed and connected generation yet”, the Brand Team for Consumer Apps

Internet adspend poised to overtake TV in 2017

Global internet advertising expenditure is set to achieve an historic milestone in 2017, overtaking television ad spend for the first

2017: the year savvy marketers embrace AI assistants

2017 is the year that savvy marketers will employ artificial intelligence (AI) and cognitive technologies to gain a competitive edge.

Subtitling mobile content significantly increases results

New research from AdColony shows that sub-titles and text overlays can significantly improve the performance of video ads. Many consumers

How to Design with Accessibility in Mind

With society increasingly reliant on technology to facilitate daily life, it’s even more important that apps and other digital deliverables be