Brand Blunder #73: Coopers brews up a storm

Coopers Brewery in South Australia fermented more protest than beer when a celebration of their long-time patronage of the Bible Society

China approves Trump brand expansion

China’s Trademark Office has granted preliminary approval to 38 new trademarks that will enable Donald Trump and his family to

Brand ban proves the power of packaging

Making all cigarette packets look the same reduced brand appeal and encouraged quitting, according to Australian research. Australia legislated that

Chinese firm squats on Trump brand

Flush with his recent legal success in trademarking the Trump brand in China’s construction industry, the Leader of the Free World now finds

Brand Blunder #72: JetSmarter PR Verges on the Ridiculous

JetSmarter, a startup that’s trying to become a kind of Uber for private jets, found out what happens when you

Brand Blunder #71: Graduate Repellant Video

A career in the Australian Government’s Department of Finance is every bit as fun as you might think – that is,

President Gifts “Failing” Media a Reversal of Fortune

The so-called “failing media” have ironically gained subscribers from the persistent attacks leveled at them by President Donald J Trump. The New

President’s Media Coverage Breaks All Precedents

President Donald J Trump broke all previous records for “earned media” during his first month in office. According to reports

KitKat Hyper-Personalises to Promote

KitKat is the latest brand to use hyper-personalisation of its product as a marketing promotion. Building on Coca-Cola’s “Share a Coke with…”

Handy Guide to Social Media Video Measurement

With video playing an even stronger role in marketing, it’s worth understanding the different ways social platforms measure and report video viewership.

Snapchat opens APIs to advertisers

Youthful social platform of the moment, Snapchat, has stepped up its monetization efforts by opening up its APIs to advertising.

Brand Blunder #70: Vogue red-faced over “yellowfacing”

Fashion magazine Vogue’s efforts to address the perception that it’s culturally insensitive have experienced an embarrassing “wardrobe malfunction”. Under fire for narrowly portraying

Judge: Festival of Media’s MENA Awards

I’m honored to have been selected as a judge for the Festival of Media’s MENA Awards. The awards celebrate the best in

Customer Experience: the Good, Bad and Ugly Emotions Brands Provoke

Emotion is now the number one driver of a great customer experience – outpacing ease and effectiveness – according to