Think sex sells…? Think again.

The idea that “sex sells” has been around for about as long as advertising itself.  However, scientific research reveals a

Brand Blunder #76: MENSA Mic Drop vs Dumb & Dumber

Implying “customers are stupid” might not seem a wise brand strategy.    Yet that’s exactly what CA Technologies seems to

Brand Blunder #75: Blind to the Similarities?

Can the same original idea occur independently to several advertising creatives…? Sure, it’s possible.  Just as it’s possible that an

Attack of the Drones – New AdTech to take to the skies!

A clever drone-powered flying screen created by NTT Docomo is expected to provide advertisers with new Out Of Home advertising opportunities at

Internet adspend poised to overtake TV in 2017

Global internet advertising expenditure is set to achieve an historic milestone in 2017, overtaking television ad spend for the first

Subtitling mobile content significantly increases results

New research from AdColony shows that sub-titles and text overlays can significantly improve the performance of video ads. Many consumers

Brand Blunder #71: Graduate Repellant Video

A career in the Australian Government’s Department of Finance is every bit as fun as you might think – that is,

Snapchat opens APIs to advertisers

Youthful social platform of the moment, Snapchat, has stepped up its monetization efforts by opening up its APIs to advertising.

More US Brands turn to Social Activism

With the US introspective and divided on social issues from immigration through the environment and women’s rights, some companies are leveraging the mood to

Chastened Facebook to get more accountable

Facebook, now one of the world’s largest advertising platforms, has finally agreed to greater transparency, accountability and precision in the the

Non-working ad spend on the rise, says study

Researchers Percolate have created the first study of marketing creation costs, by surveying more than 300 enterprise CMOs, VPs, and Marketing

Analysis reveals economic boost of EU advertising

Every Euro spent on advertising powers a seven-fold boost to the EU’s GDP, according to new research commissioned by the

Uncle Sam Needs New

The world’s most powerful army has requested new proposals from agencies interested in taking on its recruitment marketing effort. McCann Worldgroup has held