Think sex sells…? Think again.

The idea that “sex sells” has been around for about as long as advertising itself.  However, scientific research reveals a

Samsung defies disasters to remain Asia’s top brand

Neither exploding mobile phones nor a management corruption scandal were enough to topple South Korea’s Samsung from retaining first place

Most celebrity social endorsements deceptive: study

90% of celebrity brand endorsements on Instagram are not compliant with US Federal Trade Commission regulations, according to a new

Peril for brands in politics: research

Most consumers dislike brands that get involved in politics, and are more likely to avoid brands that take a negative

How AI and speech can give your brand a new voice

Voice technology drives greater emotional connection with brands, according to a pioneering study by Mindshare and J Walter Thompson Innovation Group.  The study

From Brand’s End to John O’Groats… has Brexit bludgeoned Brit brands?

British brands have suffered “dramatic falls” in value this year, according to global brand valuers Brand Finance. 88 of the

Research shows why it’s time to retire “Ad Mum”

New research in Britain by Saatchi & Saatchi and Mumsnet shows how traditional research and marketing techniques have been selling the

Strong brands find it easier, cheaper to raise funds – study

A strong brand doesn’t just generating new sales, it also boosts a business’s ability to raise new funds, according to

How brand lovers hoard – research

58% of food brand lovers admitted to hoarding their favorite product, according to a recent study released by Foodmix Marketing Communications.

Why Consumers Boycott Brands – Study

More than a fifth of consumers have boycotted a brand as a result of a scandal or negative press, and

Which brands (US) teens think are “cool”

Claiming to be a window into the “the most informed and connected generation yet”, the Brand Team for Consumer Apps

Internet adspend poised to overtake TV in 2017

Global internet advertising expenditure is set to achieve an historic milestone in 2017, overtaking television ad spend for the first

Subtitling mobile content significantly increases results

New research from AdColony shows that sub-titles and text overlays can significantly improve the performance of video ads. Many consumers

Customer Experience: the Good, Bad and Ugly Emotions Brands Provoke

Emotion is now the number one driver of a great customer experience – outpacing ease and effectiveness – according to