Most celebrity social endorsements deceptive: study

90% of celebrity brand endorsements on Instagram are not compliant with US Federal Trade Commission regulations, according to a new

Brand Blunder #74: Flying the Unfriendly Skies

United Airlines violent forced offloading of a passenger – prioritising seats for its own employees – has lots of customers vowing to

Handy Guide to Social Media Video Measurement

With video playing an even stronger role in marketing, it’s worth understanding the different ways social platforms measure and report video viewership.

Snapchat opens APIs to advertisers

Youthful social platform of the moment, Snapchat, has stepped up its monetization efforts by opening up its APIs to advertising.

Chastened Facebook to get more accountable

Facebook, now one of the world’s largest advertising platforms, has finally agreed to greater transparency, accountability and precision in the the

No easy exit for retailers of Trump-branded products

Retailers’ dilemmas in dealing with Trump-branded products became even more complicated yesterday, when the President publicly reprimanded a retailer for

Brand Blunder #69: Review of dentist touches a nerve

One of Australia’s largest private dental practices risks creating gaps in its patient roster as it sues a former patient for posting a

Brand Blunder #68: Whose side are they on?

Online security is a growing threat to brands.   Internet Service Providers (ISPs) have more to lose than most from

“Trump Tweet” Added to Corporate Crisis Management Plans

Corporate marketing leaders should prepare for potentially being on the receiving end of a barbed tweet from President-Elect Donald Trump. Writing for

Brand Blunder #61: Red-Facedbook

When you’re the world’s leading social media platform, making your living from advertising sales, you’d best take extra care to provide reliable

Why marketers should care more for those who share more

Consumers who share branded content are nine times more likely to purchase that brand’s products, according to new research. Marketing

Social Media Activism: 3 Lessons from the Targeting of Ivanka’s Brand

In the wake of Nordstrom’s decision not to boycott Trump products, it’s worth considering how #GrabYourWallet demonstrates the growing brand threat

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Businesses make an average $6.50 for every $1 they spend on influencer marketing, according to a poll of marketing professionals

13 Words that Aggravate Customers

These useful tips about words we should avoid using when dealing with online customer complaints come courtesy of Jay Baer, the

Wrigleys Trumps Trump Junior

Confectionery manufacturer Wrigleys showed how to elegantly manage a social media crisis when it was inadvertently drawn into a US election maelstrom this