Amazon to erect anti-competitor barrier around its stores

In an ironic twist, retailing behemoth Amazon is reportedly taking measures to ensure customers in its physical retail stores can’t

How AI and speech can give your brand a new voice

Voice technology drives greater emotional connection with brands, according to a pioneering study by Mindshare and J Walter Thompson Innovation Group.  The study

Attack of the Drones – New AdTech to take to the skies!

A clever drone-powered flying screen created by NTT Docomo is expected to provide advertisers with new Out Of Home advertising opportunities at

Could blockchain be the Next Big Thing for Marketing?

One of the hottest new technologies in recent years is Blockchain… a ‘shared ledger’ that enables companies to track transactions in

2017: the year savvy marketers embrace AI assistants

2017 is the year that savvy marketers will employ artificial intelligence (AI) and cognitive technologies to gain a competitive edge.

From Irons to Lasers – Branding Goes Full Circle

The concept of Branding has come an ironic full circle, with laser technology replacing sticky labels on fruit and vegetables. Derived from the

More In Store for Shoppers through Internet of Things

Analysing the movement of shoppers in stores is surging ahead, as new technologies combine with the Internet of Things to

Revenge on the Nerds!

How many times have you been knocked back by your IT department when you asked for a new piece of software

Will Technology Kill Brands?

In a thought-provoking piece published on SocialTimes, Lippincott‘s Dan Clay argues that new technology will cause the death of some brands, while helping others

How Technology Helps Build Strong Brands

At the 2016 Retail Show in the Middle East I was asked for my thoughts on the role technology plays