An Awful(ly) Sneaky Sneaker Ad

I’ve always believed in honesty in advertising – an essential ingredient of Brand Authenticity.

However, I can’t help but grudgingly admire the marketer who came up with this clever deception, hugely inflating his ad’s performance.

Pictured above is an Instagram Stories ad for Chinese sneaker manufacturer, Kaiwei Ni.  And yes, it’s designed to look as if a stray hair has fallen on your phone screen.

When you try to flick that stray hair off your screen… kerching!   You just swiped up, added to the ad’s customer engagement score, and revealed the sneaky sneaker manufacturer’s website.

That’s as deceptive as hell. But yeah, also kind of clever.

Of course, I encourage your reaction to being deceived by an advertiser may well be to swear never to buy their products or look at their ads again.  That’s why we marketers should never, ever lie in ads.

It’s no accident that the offending ad was featured in the r/mildlyinfuriating subreddit.



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