Attack of the Drones – New AdTech to take to the skies!

A clever drone-powered flying screen created by NTT Docomo is expected to provide advertisers with new Out Of Home advertising opportunities at live events such as concerts and sports.

The Japanese wireless carrier enclosed a quadcopter drone in a rotating frame equipped with eight LED stripes.  As the frame spins at high speed, the flashing LEDs create the appearance of an animated image.

The 89cm-wide prototype presents a low screen resolution of just 144 x 136 pixels.  However, as a proof of concept, it amply demonstrates the potential for higher-resolution flying ads into the future.

NTT Docomo developed the drone ahead of the Niconico Chokaigi Festival, an annual celebration of the Japanese equivalent of YouTube.

Beyond advertising, NTT Docomo anticipate the technology could be used for crowd control and other civic purposes.

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