Brand Blunder #88: is the new F1 logo “the pits”?

Some of Formula One’s most famous drivers have criticised the sport’s new logo, which was launched after last weekend’s season-ending Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

Described by Formula One owners Liberty Media as symbolising the look of a Formula One car with a “modern-retro feel”, it replaces the logo introduced three decades ago by former supremo Bernie Ecclestone.  It was created by Wieden+Kennedy London.

However, former world champion driver Lewis Hamilton said he is not a fan of the new logo.

“The old one was iconic, and the new one isn’t,” he said. “Imagine if Ferrari changed theirs.”

Another former World Champion, Sebastian Vettel, said: “I liked the old one better.”

Austrian Mercedes boss Toto Wolff said, sarcastically, that the new logo was “mind-blowing”.

Formula One’s director of marketing, Ellie Norman, said the new logo derived from fan feedback and would be easier to work with on digital and mobile platforms.  Feedback from the teams and sponsors “has been incredibly positive”, she said.




  1. Disagree. The old one was terrible. I love classic logos, but old F1 logo looked better suited to a barber with it’s strange comb effect. New one is a bit video game though, but maybe just errs on the side right side of that divide. The 1 seems to be leaning a pixel to the right out of alignment at the top? Maybe a 3D rendering effect?

    1. I don’t mind the new one, either… even though it’s perhaps just a little too stylised for the two characters to be instantly apparent.

      However, I’m sure we’ll all get used to it soon enough.

      The blunder from my perspective was not getting F1’s star spokespeople – the leading drivers – onboard with it before it was launched to the public. It doesn’t get much worse than your own opinion leaders undermining your shiny new visual identity.

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