Brand Blunder #90: Jimmy Choo trips itself up

Luxury footwear brand Jimmy Choo stuck their foot in it over Christmas with a spectacularly tone-deaf ad.

Despite the sexual misconduct scandals engulfing the entertainment industry, Jimmy Choo created an ad featuring actress-model Cara Delevingne being catcalled by random men as she walks down the street.

Many feel the ad condones, legitimises and promotes a practice that many women find predatory and threatening.

As one of the more understated Tweeters suggested: “This is not the best moment to run an ad about how cool and sexy catcalling is.”

Other commentators have expressed surprise at Delevingne for participating in the ad.  As you may recall, she spoke out in October about her disturbing encounter with movie mogul Harvey Weinstein.

Neither Jimmy Choo nor Delevingne have so far responded to the criticism.


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