Brand Blunder #92: Bonfire of the Vanity Fair

When you’re a left-leaning magazine with a largely female readership, its probably best not to mock the world’s most prominent left-leaning female politician.

Vanity Fair magazine is learning that lesson the hard way today, as it weathers a #CancelVanityFair social media storm in the wake of its sexist video poking fun at Hillary Clinton.

In the video, a parade of obnoxiously smug Vanity Fair staffers suggest Clinton defer further political ambitions in favour of taking up hobbies such as knitting, volunteer work, and running classes on alternate nostril breathing.

At time of writing, Vanity Fair is trying to defuse the criticism by describing the video as an attempt at humour which “missed the mark”… proving that it’s never too late to make a bid for Understatement of the Year.



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