Brand Blunder #93: Apple bitten in trademark dispute

Apple’s neglect in failing to trademark one of its founders’ names is coming back to bite it.

According to The Verge, Italian brothers Vincenzo and Giacomo Barbato have just won an extensive legal battle against the company, earning the right to call their fashion brand “Steve Jobs”.

The brothers reportedly spotted that in 2012 that Apple had never trademarked Jobs’ name. So the aspiring designers trademarked it themselves and set to work creating a new fashion brand.

la Repubblica Napoli says Apple lost the case by choosing to attack the new Steve Jobs logo… a stylised “J” with a bite taken out and a somewhat familiar leaf hovering over it.  However, the court ruled in favour of the brothers because the letter “J” is inedible (?!)

A range of Steve Jobs t-shirts, bags, jeans, and other accessories are now being developed. The brothers also reportedly plan to release electronics one day.


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