Brewer singled out in Elvis trademark battle

The brewers of a popular British craft beer are in the Money Honey* having defeated the estate of the late Elvis Presley in a trademark dispute.

Brewdog launched their “Elvis Juice” – a grapefruit-flavored India pale ale – in 2015.  It soon won the aspiring brewers Fame and Fortune*, becoming the UK’s third best-selling craft beer in a Rags to Riches* story.

However, the beer’s iconic name landed Brewdog in T-R-O-U-B-L-E* with the group that manages Elvis Presley’s name, Authentic Brands Group (ABG). They sent Brewdog founders Martin Dickie and James Watt a letter saying “Don’t”*, insisting they use the Elvis name No More*, and threatening A Mess of Blues* if the brewers persisted.  

Brewdog’s founders decided they would fight ABG Come What May*. They claimed ABG’s Suspicion* was unfounded, marked the Cease and Desist letter Return to Sender* and told ABG to Stay Away*.

The pair even changed their first names to “Elvis” by deed poll, to demonstrate that The King’s first name was no Solitaire*.

But ABG were Playing for Keeps* and their pursuit of the Elvis trademark was Never Ending*.  Believing the trademark ownership to Such An Easy Question* and It’s Only a Matter of Time*, they sought a ruling from the UK’s Intellectual Property Office (UKIPO).

UKIPO concluded that Elvis’s name was indeed King of the Whole Wide World*, and instructed that Brewdog Patch It Up* with ABG.  When Brewdog asked UKIPO Tell Me Why*, the authority said of Elvis That’s Someone You Never Forget*, and it was therefore likely modern day drinkers would believe the beer to be an officially licensed product.

However, refusing to Surrender* or accept There Goes My Everything*, Brewdog appealed UKIPO’s decision.

This week the battling brewers Got Lucky*.  UKIPO decided its initial decision was Too Much*, and that “the common element of Elvis is not enough on its own to make consumers think there is a link between the mark Elvis and Brewdog Elvis Juice.”

Brewdog’s founders reportedly believe the new decision Feels So Right*, and are looking forward to A Little Less Conversation* and a little more brewing.

* Footnote: the title of one of Elvis Presley’s 138 official single releases.

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