Bricks and Mortar AND Mobile

To see how mobile marketing can help bricks-and-mortars make ends meet, take a look at the new app IBM just launched for UK pharma retailer, Boots.

Sales Assist, which is an IBM MobileFirst for iOS app, is being used across Boots’ UK stores to help sales assistants serve customers, and get hold of the products they need.
Running on 3,700 iPads across Boots’ network, Sales Assist is a lot more than just a mobile web store.

Thanks to a sophisticated analytics engine, it enables sellers to not only show customers product information, but also ‘crowd-sourced’ ratings, reviews and recommendations, live, from the shop floor.

Once a customer has settled on a product, the app helps the sales assistant progress the sale.   It shows inventory levels across all stores, and if the desired product isn’t in stock locally, they can quickly locate the item in another store nearby, or offer queue an order online to be collected the next day.

Transparency: as detailed in my Bio on this blog, I am presently employed by IBM.

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