Watson AI soups up interactive ad

Andy Warhol’s favourite soup brand is using the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to cook up new customers. Using the

An Awful(ly) Sneaky Sneaker Ad

I’ve always believed in honesty in advertising – an essential ingredient of Brand Authenticity. However, I can’t help but grudgingly

Brand Blunder #86: Google gaffe rips band aid off brand safety claims

Imagine you’re the world’s biggest provider of advertising media.  In fact, 90% of your company’s $75B revenues comes from advertisers who

Brand Blunder #83: Halloween Ad Horrors

Attaching your commercial interests to a holiday based on scary things requires frightfully good judgement.  Unfortunately, some companies’ Halloween promotions

New smart billboard for London’s famous Piccadilly Lights

London landmark Piccadilly Circus will soon feature a billboard from the the leading edge of outdoor advertising technology. The “Piccadilly

Omnichannel drives multiplier of ad recall: research

Ads displayed on multiple devices are twice as likely to be recalled as ads shown on a single device, according to

TV ads under new technological assault

A new front has been opened in technology’s war on TV advertising, via a device which claims to mute TV

New Facebook policy promises greater brand safety

In an effort to head off the brand safety challenges plaguing Google, social platform Facebook has announced new new “monetization eligibility standards”