An Awful(ly) Sneaky Sneaker Ad

I’ve always believed in honesty in advertising – an essential ingredient of Brand Authenticity. However, I can’t help but grudgingly

Trojan Brands lurking the halls of CES

Little-known consumer electronics companies are increasingly fast-tracking their public profiles by licencing what I will call “Trojan Brands”.   It’s a

7 Brand Promises to Make (and Keep!)

Your company’s brand can be thought of as a promise to your customers.   Writing for THINK Marketing, author and entrepreneur

The More Polish, the Less Brand Authenticity

One of the interesting side-effects of the rise of social media is the way consumers have become increasingly savvy about,

Smartwatch History

Time Running Out for Luxury Watchmakers

Luxury watch makers seem lethargically complacent about the extinction level event confronting their industry. It’s not as if they haven’t had enough time to

High performance. Re-assessed.

When your brand slogan is “High Performance, Delivered”, it’s perhaps ironic to get rid of your company’s own annual performance reviews.

Standing by for Hillary v5.0

Demonstrating the importance of personal branding to political success, Hilary Clinton has recruited consumer branding specialists to her inner circle of

On the Plan to Repair Brand Zimbabwe

The African nation of Zimbabwe is being held back by an “impaired brand and lack of an idea diffusion strategy”, according

Brand Blunder #31: Fresh Fibs from Not-So-Greengrocer

Australian grocery chain Coles has been caught again* deceiving its customers about the freshness of its produce. Australia’s Advertising Standards Board – an industry