Companies re-evaluating association with Trump brand – report

The fascinating saga of how the Trump Brand will be affected by Donald J Trump’s presidency continues to play out in the weekly headlines.

Harvard brand given 3rd degree by NYT

A bad year for H-Brands got even worse last weekend when the New York Times called “emperor’s new clothes” on the premier brand in

Samsung Note 7

Samsung’s Galaxy Brand – Up in Smoke?

You’re one of the world’s premier mobile phone manufacturers. You’ve invested in innovation and best practice emulation for more than

Shell in NGO Hell

Shell was the “most disliked” company by pressure groups last year, according to a survey by consultancy Sigwatch. Monsanto, which makes genetically modified food,

ISIS Pharma’s Acromonious Acronym

Imagine you’re the leader of a smallish Southern California biotech company, researching new drugs, conducting clinical trials, filing patents, and generally taking care of business.

Brand Blunder #45: Nurofen’s Nurofakes

Marketers at popular pain relief  provider, Nurofen, have failed the ‘truth in packaging’ test and cost their company millions. An

Brand Blunder #43: Das Deception

The sliding scale of corporate misdeeds runs from “honest errors” through “errors of incompetence” to “deliberate deception”.   The world’s largest automaker has

Brand Blunder #31: Fresh Fibs from Not-So-Greengrocer

Australian grocery chain Coles has been caught again* deceiving its customers about the freshness of its produce. Australia’s Advertising Standards Board – an industry

EA battered on Brand Battlefield

Electronic Arts, one the world’s largest entertainment software publishers, says that unresolved user experience issues with the latest installment of

Dead brands walking

Pundits at publication Huffington Post have predicted the imminent demise of nine well-known US brands. Those better known to international