Cleveland Indians strike out controversial team logo

The Cleveland Indians baseball team will finally bow to pressure and stop using their controversial “Chief Wahoo” logo on team jerseys from next year.

The caricature of a grinning American Indian – long criticised as racist by Native American organisations – has been used in various forms since 1947.  With criticism having ramped up in recent years, the team has already replaced the logo on some of their caps, and removed it from home ground signage.

None-the-less, Chief Wahoo will continue to be sold on some merchandise even after the logo is removed from uniforms.  According to the team’s owners, this will protect the trademark from being acquired by other groups, while enable fans to continue their “connection” with it, if they wish.

With the logo being pushed into the background, inclusiveness campaigners will now shift their attention to having the word “Indians” dropped from the team’s name.

The NFL’s Washington Redskins, NHL’s Chicago Blackhawks and the MLB’s Atlanta Braves will also come under increasing pressure to change their Indian-themed logos and names.


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