Counterfeiters: Diesel can’t beat ’em, so joins ’em

Fashion brand Diesel is taking a novel approach to the perennial problem of counterfeit goods, using ‘fake’ merchandise to launch its new season’s range.

Cheap counterfeit goods have been the bane of luxury and fashion brands for decades.  By some estimates they’re worth a half a trillion dollars annually, around 2.5% of global imports.

With fakes flooding in ahead of a busy fashion month calendar, Diesel is eschewing the crowded catwalk in favour of cardboard boxes.

Out-faking the fakers

The brand has created its own ‘official’ counterfeit goods operation on the corner of Manhattan’s Broadway and Canal Street.  A range of sweatshirts, t-shirts and hoodies emblazoned with the word “Deisel” are available at the low prices typically reserved for fakes.

Except, these aren’t fakes.  They’re limited edition, designer goods, created to the same standards of quality as their parent brand.

Interviewed by The Fashion Law, Diesel founder Renzo Rosso said:

“We have so many counterfeit products all over the world. Why can’t we play with this problem that we have? So, we created a fake product, a fake name, and we came to the counterfeit district.”

The hundreds of customers who have already purchased at the store were unaware that they’d purchased a genuine product.

“Now they can sell it for three or four times the value!” said Rosso.



Image Credit: Vogue.In

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