Dove packaging shapes up as controversial campaign

In a creative demonstration of their brand’s core positioning, Dove Body Wash has released a limited edition series of bottles in different shapes and sizes.

Building on their long-term campaign around body-diverse beauty, Dove’s new packaging is intended to demonstrate how differences can be celebrated.

Said a Dove spokesman: “That’s what real beauty is all about—the unique things that set us apart from each other and make us one of a kind.  We’ve championed this version of beauty for the past 60 years, and celebrated diverse women in our groundbreaking real beauty campaigns. But we wanted to bring this to life through our products, too.”

But while some have praised the creativity of the idea, others are less appreciative.  A backlash on social media and Twitter suggested that comparisons to bottles of body wash are unflattering or ridiculous, regardless of body shape.

The creative idea is the work of WPP stable agency, Ogilvy UK.


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