Germany usurps US to become leading nation brand

Germany has usurped The United States as world leader in national image and reputation, according to the The Anholt-GfK Nation Brands IndexSM.

While Western market economies and Japan continue to rank highest in the 50 countries assessed, the US dropped five places in global perception, enabling Germany to retake the top ranking.

France climbed to second place in the 2017 study, while the United Kingdom regained the ground lost last year after the Brexit vote, claiming third place.

Japan and Canada tied at fourth.

Anholt-GfK’s Index measures the power and quality of each country‘s brand image across six dimensions:

  1. Governance – public opinion of the government’s competency, fairness and commitment to global issues.
  2. Exports – the image of products and services from a country.
  3. Tourism – public interest in visiting a country.
  4. Investment and Immigration – the attractiveness of living, working or studying, based on perceived quality of life and business environment.
  5. Culture and Heritage – perceptions of heritage and appreciation for conetemporary culture.
  6. People – the population’s reputation for competence, openness, friendliness and tolerance.

Commenting on the results, Anholt-GfK’s Vadim Volos said:

“How the global public views a country strongly influences the success of its business, investment, and tourism efforts – as well as its diplomatic and cultural relations with other nations.  Inattention to public perception risks diminished international market share for countries.

“A robust, well-rounded reputation is the key to safeguarding or improving a nation’s overall reputation. More often than not, leading nations lead on multiple dimensions. Consistency in its image is crucial – seldom does a signature strength lift a nation’s reputation into the top overall. Furthermore, relying on a single strength can create volatility in a nation’s reputation year after year.”

Images Credit: Anholt-GfK.

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