CommBank a case study in “reputational cost”

Australia’s Commonwealth Bank is a prime example of the financial and reputational cost of treating customers poorly, according to Brisbane Times business

New Facebook policy promises greater brand safety

In an effort to head off the brand safety challenges plaguing Google, social platform Facebook has announced new new “monetization eligibility standards”

Most marketers unready for new EU Data Protection Laws

70% of marketers say they are not yet ready to implement new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) that will come

PR firm to pay heavy price for mismanaging own brand

An update to Brand Blunder #78… The PR agency accused of covertly stirring up racial tension in South Africa could be

Ding dong! Guess which distribution strategy is back?

“Ding dong, Avon calling…”   Or World Book Encyclopedia.  Or AMP life insurance.   Or any number of vacuum cleaner

UK to act on gender stereotypes in ads

Complaints about gender stereotyping in advertising have historically focused on female archetypes: the domestic obsessive, the selfless nurturer, the devoted

The Storied Origins of the World’s Most Memorable Ringtone

In a previous post, I shared the US’s most memorable brand jingles.  Today, courtesy of The Vintage News, I’ll share