Brand Blunder #86: Google gaffe rips band aid off brand safety claims

Imagine you’re the world’s biggest provider of advertising media.  In fact, 90% of your company’s $75B revenues comes from advertisers who

Brand Blunder #85: Treasury Secretary blind to Bond Villain impression

On the face of it, having a photo taken of yourself being presented with a newly minted sheet of American

Marlboro brand is in surprisingly good health

Unlike its customers, one US cigarette brand is getting healthier and healthier. The latest BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable US

Brand Blunder #84: Disney’s media miff backfires

The Walt Disney Company has learned the hard way how not to suppress bad news coverage. In an effort to

Market Researchers urged to “embrace and harness” tech instead of fear it

We are entering a golden age of market research, with technology and marketing automation providing researchers access to a wealth of

Brand Blunder #83: Halloween Ad Horrors

Attaching your commercial interests to a holiday based on scary things requires frightfully good judgement.  Unfortunately, some companies’ Halloween promotions

Extroverts spend up on status, says study

Extroverts spend more of their income on luxury goods and services than introverts, according to research published recently in Psychological

Brand consistency breeds customer loyalty: study

The value of brand consistency has been demonstrated in a study of customer churn across UK energy suppliers. The University

Data Enables Businesses to Finally “Do Something” About The Weather

The increasing frequency and potency of catastrophic weather events have this year have elevated discussions about “the weather” into many

New smart billboard for London’s famous Piccadilly Lights

London landmark Piccadilly Circus will soon feature a billboard from the the leading edge of outdoor advertising technology. The “Piccadilly

NSW Govt spares cultural icons from ‘Orwellian’ brand directive

Sydney’s cultural institutions have been spared from a State Government decree which required them to replace their distinctive branding with a

3 Ways to Woo Customers Who Bought from Your Competitor

By special guest contributor David Pyrzenski*. So your product or service was passed over for a competitor’s?  Good news: new