Brand Blunder #5: Lurking below the Surface

A brand is a promise. It creates expectations amongst customers about what it will be like to use a particular

Font Fail #1

For many years, graphic design was the misguided primary focus of corporate branding efforts.   That’s why I don’t write

Recruiting brand enthusiasts

Website The Branding Strategy Insider proposes that companies build their brand by hiring people who are already emotionally attuned to

Grand Old Party… or Brand Old Party?

One month on from the US elections, Forbes Magazine has published the results of an interesting study  suggesting the Republican Party’s

Brand Blunders #4: destined for extinction

Internet services provider DODO has been voted worst brand of the year by users of Australia’s consumer website, Product Review. The site’s

Rumours of CMO death – exaggerated?

I’m a little jaundiced  about hyperbolic headlines that proclaim the ‘death’ of a current trend.   Too often, it’s merely

From story-tellers to story-changers

Marketing commentators keep finding new ways to express the importance of “Brand Experience” as the key  organising principle for modern

Brand Halos Gone Bad: Addendum

Following my article on the perils of celebrity branding, I noticed that sportswear company Skins is now suing cycling’s governing

When brand halos go bad

Cyclist Lance Armstrong’s fall from grace – once sports superstar, now disgraced doping cheat – is a salutary lesson in the risk

Powerful product demonstrations in Sandy's wake

Donating money to disaster relief efforts is well and good.   In fact, it’s the least the public might expect

Brand Blunders #3: Hurricane Sandy edition

Aligning your company, brand or product to events in the news is an increasingly popular marketing tactic.  Companies seek to