Car recalls demonstrate product quality(?!)

The results of this year’s J.D. Power Vehicle Dependability Study demonstrate that consumer psychology is a quirky beast. The car

'Brand' tops 2013 marketing importance study

The Brand function has taken the lead as a marketing team’s most important asset to help grow a business, according

For some, the Carnival is over

The Carnival cruise line’s recent maritime mishaps serve as a useful reminder that times of crisis are particularly potent ‘moments

Brand Blunder #7: Zippo relevance

Old school lighter company, Zippo, are surely stretching the idea of ‘brand extension’ beyond breaking point, with their Zippo Fragrances

Logo design comp enters final days

The competition on to create a unique logo for my blog is in its final days, so head over if

Does higher purpose lead to higher profit?

I received an interesting survey today from the World Federation of Advertisers, asking whether I believe consumers are increasingly drawn to

Logo to go

Just for the sheer fun of it, I’m currently running a contest on to come up with a custom logo

Update: Non-Transparent Windows

A visit to my local consumer electronics store today suggests the situation with Microsoft Windows RT is even more concerning

Brand Blunder #6: Subway falls short

Fast-food chain Subway is learning the hard way that a brand is a promise. Australian teenager Matt Corby measured his ‘Subway

Brand Blunder #5: Lurking below the Surface

A brand is a promise. It creates expectations amongst customers about what it will be like to use a particular