Brand Experience Model

I’m one of Tom Fishburne’s many fans.   In his keynote presentation at Google’s “Think Branding” event in New York,

Might the mighty Apple fall…?

The 2012 Interbrand Study of brand value was released yesterday, and contained some interesting – though not unexpected – results. Of course,

New Appointment

It was announced today that I’ve been appointed Vice President of Marketing and Communications for IBM in the Middle East

Assessing Ad Creative

We all like to compare our personal opinions about advertising creative. However, professional marketers need to be able to set

Brand Sincerity

People are increasingly savvy about extravagant product claims and hype-driven promotional techniques. Too often burned by companies which over-promise and

Great agency clients get great ads

Each year, businesses invest tens of millions of dollars in paid advertising.  The quality of the ads they run either

Brand Personification

Brand Personification is an interesting research technique for understanding how a Brand is perceived. It leverages the fact that people

Beyond Visual Identity

While visual identity is important, some marketers focus on it to the exclusion of other – potentially more important –

On Brands & Branding

Brands are much more than merely visual symbols, or distinctive marks which represent a company or product. On this page,

Cultural Adaptability

Cultural Adaptability is an individual’s willingness and ability to adapt their manner of communicating, motivating, and managing, across countries and

An audience with Ari

I was recently privileged to hear first hand the thoughts of former White House Press Secretary, Ari Fleischer. Ari,as you

Hello, World*

After 30 years in the marketing and communications profession, and 15 years of contributing content to Internet forums, it’s time