Brands & Branding

Some people mistakenly believe that a Brand is merely a visual symbol; a distinctive mark which represents a company or product.

However, Brands are much more than that…

Brands exist in the mind.  They’re our collected perceptions about something … from companies and their products, to people, and places, and even experiences.

Yes, those Brand perceptions do include visual elements such as colours and symbols.   But in many respects, the visual symbology is the least important aspect of a Brand.    Tangible perceptions – such as what something ‘feels’ like, and the experience of using it – and intangible associations – quality, value, reliability and durability – are important.

Perhaps most important of all are a Brand’s emotional associations – whether we perceive it will build our self-esteem, satisfy our desire to be different, (or conversely, our need to belong), make us ‘happy’, etc.

Brands are important because they shape our expectations, and those expectations in turn drive our behaviour.   That is, our expectation of what a Brand experience will be like, leads us to choose one product over another, how much we’re prepared to pay, what level of performance we’re prepared to accept, etc.


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