Brand Blunder #78: PR firm invokes the ghost of apartheid

When your business is about creating news for others, it’s best not to become the news yourself. None-the-less, British public

Campaign outs China’s most politically-incorrect ads

In the continuing tradition of The Brandthropologist’s popular Brand Blunder series, I’m pleased to share with you Campaign‘s video compilation of the most

Brand Blunder #77: Audi ad in Chinese cultural collision

Luxury car brand Audi has revved up its Chinese customers with an advertisement variously described as ‘sexist’ and ‘demeaning to

FIFA’s Brand Blunder Begets Revenue Black Hole

FIFA’s 2015 brand crisis – which saw several officials arrested on corruption charges – continues to cast a pall over

Brand Blunder #76: MENSA Mic Drop vs Dumb & Dumber

Implying “customers are stupid” might not seem a wise brand strategy.    Yet that’s exactly what CA Technologies seems to

Brand Blunder #75: Blind to the Similarities?

Can the same original idea occur independently to several advertising creatives…? Sure, it’s possible.  Just as it’s possible that an

Brand Blunder #74: Flying the Unfriendly Skies

United Airlines violent forced offloading of a passenger – prioritising seats for its own employees – has lots of customers vowing to

Brand Blunder #73: Coopers brews up a storm

Coopers Brewery in South Australia fermented more protest than beer when a celebration of their long-time patronage of the Bible Society

Chinese firm squats on Trump brand

Flush with his recent legal success in trademarking the Trump brand in China’s construction industry, the Leader of the Free World now finds

Brand Blunder #72: JetSmarter PR Verges on the Ridiculous

JetSmarter, a startup that’s trying to become a kind of Uber for private jets, found out what happens when you

Brand Blunder #71: Graduate Repellant Video

A career in the Australian Government’s Department of Finance is every bit as fun as you might think – that is,

Brand Blunder #70: Vogue red-faced over “yellowfacing”

Fashion magazine Vogue’s efforts to address the perception that it’s culturally insensitive have experienced an embarrassing “wardrobe malfunction”. Under fire for narrowly portraying

Brand Blunder #67: Trump Twitter background backdown

The world’s most powerful Twitterer, President Donald J Trump, may need to have some short words with his new social media