Brand Blunder #89: a shocking brand name

Here’s a short and sweet Brand Blunder.  In fact, I don’t think I even need to explain why it probably

Why Uber’s challenge is not “brand management”

One of the toughest branding jobs in the world must surely belong to Bozoma Saint John, recently appointed Chief Brand Officer at Uber.

Brand Blunder #88: is the new F1 logo “the pits”?

Some of Formula One’s most famous drivers have criticised the sport’s new logo, which was launched after last weekend’s season-ending

Brand Blunder #87: Cricket Council caught out

It’s entirely fitting* that Brand Blunder #87 be about the game of cricket.   Even though much of the terminology I’ll

Brand Blunder #86: Google gaffe rips band aid off brand safety claims

Imagine you’re the world’s biggest provider of advertising media.  In fact, 90% of your company’s $75B revenues comes from advertisers who

Brand Blunder #85: Treasury Secretary blind to Bond Villain impression

On the face of it, having a photo taken of yourself being presented with a newly minted sheet of American

Brand Blunder #84: Disney’s media miff backfires

The Walt Disney Company has learned the hard way how not to suppress bad news coverage. In an effort to

Brand Blunder #83: Halloween Ad Horrors

Attaching your commercial interests to a holiday based on scary things requires frightfully good judgement.  Unfortunately, some companies’ Halloween promotions

Equihax: How a cybersecurity hack can become a brand disaster

The hack of Equifax is a case study in how a cybersecurity incident can spiral into a brand disaster. For

Brand Blunder #80: Republican candidate’s alt-spelling gaffe

Alabama Senate contender Roy Moore is really putting the “R” in “Rerpublican” (sic). Moore’s super campaign bus proudly features the

“There is a high cost to a bad reputation” says Uber CEO

The London transport authority’s decision not to renew Uber’s operating license has prompted Uber CEO, Dara Khosrowshahi, to counsel his employees on the