Study shows how smart marketers leverage data instead of drowning in it

Many marketing and sales professionals are drowning in data, yet unable to glean the value and insights they need to

2017: the year savvy marketers embrace AI assistants

2017 is the year that savvy marketers will employ artificial intelligence (AI) and cognitive technologies to gain a competitive edge.

Will data drudgery kill creativity?

The growing availability of data is enabling a revolution in modern marketing. But does more science mean less creativity and fun in the profession…? 

Programmatic Ads Paying Big Dividends

Programmatic advertising – buying media using automation and data to match ads with individual customer profiles across multiple networks –

Computers as Coolhunters…?

“Coolhunters” – people who spot and predict cultural trends and new product popularity – have been offering their quirky, intuitive services since the 90s.  

Garnering insight in Ghana

A Chief Marketing Officer in Accra, Ghana, asked me an interesting question today. We were at a conference about how

Rise of the Marketing Scientist

The profession of Marketing has often been characterised as ”part art, part science”. However, the rapid proliferation of data is