Dove packaging shapes up as controversial campaign

In a creative demonstration of their brand’s core positioning, Dove Body Wash has released a limited edition series of bottles in different

How to Design with Accessibility in Mind

With society increasingly reliant on technology to facilitate daily life, it’s even more important that apps and other digital deliverables be

A Designer’s Art, remastered

A newly remastered version of Paul Rand’s seminal work, A Designer’s Art, will be published later this month by Princeton Architectural Press. Rand

The Nostalgic Return of a Design Classic

The iconic Kodak logo – once one of the world’s most recognisable – has been revived. Original designed by Peter Oestrich,

Big (Scalable) News in Fonts

A new standard in fonts aims to solve one of most intransigent issues in modern typography … faithful scalability. Typefaces can

Brand Blunder #44: Aldi Design was Crackers

Cut-price grocer Aldi would be well-advised to invest a little more on graphic  designers, after an unfortunate design gaffe required it to recall

Vale Adrian Frutiger, master typographer

Adrian Frutiger, storied Swiss typographer, passed away last week at the age of 87. Frutiger’s work, renowned for its high legibility, can

Designs’ Dirty Almost-Dozen

Courtesy of Creative Market, here’s a collage of fonts that designers consider so ugly – or so over used –

Graphic Design, Graphically Illustrated

Can’t tell your Art Noveau from your Art Deco?   Can’t discern the difference between Pop Art and Post Modern?

"Mad Men" blurs the graphic line

In a nice piece of self-referential deja vu, one of the world’s iconic advertising art directors from the sixties – Milton

The design legacy of Herman Miller

As patrons of innovative design, the Herman Miller company stands out as having developed some of the world’s most creative

Logo design comp enters final days

The competition on to create a unique logo for my blog is in its final days, so head over if