FIFA’s Brand Blunder Begets Revenue Black Hole

FIFA’s 2015 brand crisis – which saw several officials arrested on corruption charges – continues to cast a pall over

Peril for brands in politics: research

Most consumers dislike brands that get involved in politics, and are more likely to avoid brands that take a negative

Brand Blunder #51: NFL’s Surface Tension

A key Microsoft promotion for its Surface line of tablet computers has been shattered – literally – by a disgruntled NFL

Brand Blunder #22: When endorsements bite

Luis Suarez’s sponsors may be losing their appetite for celebrity endorsements, now the infamous Uruguayan soccer striker has once again chowed

Endorsement trouble brewing for Clooney

Celebrity endorsements are intended to build a brand by bathing it in the halo of celebrity’s star.  However, as actor George Clooney is about to discover, endorsements

Checking Co-Branding Credentials

Co-branding deals – where one brand licences another to leverage its strengths – are an increasingly popular strategy. Done well,

Brand Blunder #15: What happens in Vegas…

Co-branding enables two compatible brands to leverage each others’  strengths and broaden their brand appeal.  However, it requires synergy between

When Brand Ambassadors become Gold Diggers

Rapper Kanye West underlined the risks of celebrity endorsements today, when he booted long time sponsor Nike and walked to

This song is brought to you by…

Commercial product placement in popular music continues to grow apace, with more companies seeking ways to forge links to their

Brand Halos Gone Bad: Addendum

Following my article on the perils of celebrity branding, I noticed that sportswear company Skins is now suing cycling’s governing

When brand halos go bad

Cyclist Lance Armstrong’s fall from grace – once sports superstar, now disgraced doping cheat – is a salutary lesson in the risk