Why Uber’s challenge is not “brand management”

One of the toughest branding jobs in the world must surely belong to Bozoma Saint John, recently appointed Chief Brand Officer at Uber.

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How is music contributing to – or detracting from – your brand…? While the art of branding so often focuses

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Hotel chains make room for new brands

Hotel chains such as Hyatt, Hilton and Marriott already own so many hotels in major cities that they need to

7 Brand Promises to Make (and Keep!)

Your company’s brand can be thought of as a promise to your customers.   Writing for THINK Marketing, author and entrepreneur

Bricks V Clicks – the Empires Strike Back

Bricks and mortar retailers have been struggling for some time with the rise of “show-rooming” … retail consumers looking at products in-store, but then

Our Artificially Intelligent Future

After my presentation to the EngageInbound event in Dubai, I was asked by a Dubai newspaper, the Khaleej Times, to share my

Bricks and Mortar AND Mobile

To see how mobile marketing can help bricks-and-mortars make ends meet, take a look at the new app IBM just launched for

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A New York hotel has shown how interactive out-of-home advertising doesn’t need to be high tech. Manhattan’s Roger Smith Hotel has

On the Plan to Repair Brand Zimbabwe

The African nation of Zimbabwe is being held back by an “impaired brand and lack of an idea diffusion strategy”, according

The Haunted Hoarding

The best ads don’t just tell you about a product, they let you experience it. Here, just in time for Halloween,