Is brand loyalty “a thing of the past”?

“Brand loyalty is tumbling” according to e-commerce providers Salmon, based on a consumer study they commissioned recently. 88% of the consumers

How brand lovers hoard – research

58% of food brand lovers admitted to hoarding their favorite product, according to a recent study released by Foodmix Marketing Communications.

Apple dominates customer loyalty engagement index

One brand dominates all others in Brand Keys’ 2017 Customer Loyalty Engagement Index. Apple. The index, which is based on the

Rewards programs defeat discounts: research

A new study has found that loyalty programs have a bigger influence in encouraging customers to switch brands than discounted prices. Research

When Brand Ambassadors become Gold Diggers

Rapper Kanye West underlined the risks of celebrity endorsements today, when he booted long time sponsor Nike and walked to

Building loyalty proves lucrative

New global research by Neilsen confirms the value of building brand loyalty to create repeat purchases. A survey of more than