NSW Govt spares cultural icons from ‘Orwellian’ brand directive

Sydney’s cultural institutions have been spared from a State Government decree which required them to replace their distinctive branding with a

Govt decree takes brand conformity to new extreme

The government of the Australian State of New South Wales has ordered some of Australia’s best-loved cultural institutions to scrap

Brand ban proves the power of packaging

Making all cigarette packets look the same reduced brand appeal and encouraged quitting, according to Australian research. Australia legislated that

From Irons to Lasers – Branding Goes Full Circle

The concept of Branding has come an ironic full circle, with laser technology replacing sticky labels on fruit and vegetables. Derived from the

A Designer’s Art, remastered

A newly remastered version of Paul Rand’s seminal work, A Designer’s Art, will be published later this month by Princeton Architectural Press. Rand

The Nostalgic Return of a Design Classic

The iconic Kodak logo – once one of the world’s most recognisable – has been revived. Original designed by Peter Oestrich,

New Domain, Fresh Coat of Paint

Welcome to the new look Brandthropologist… now on a dedicated domain, sporting a new visual identity. Backstory… My original domain – ellevsen.com –

How Colour Colours Brand Perceptions

Between 62 and 90 per cent of snap judgments made about products are based on colour alone, according to research