Trump Washington Hotel spawns Anti-Brand rival

The Trump International Hotel in Washington – located on very same street as the White House and the Capitol building – has profited quite nicely since the current president’s election.

Forecast before opening to lose $2M in the first four months of 2017, it instead recorded $2M in profit during the period.  Since then, according to The Washington Post, the city’s newest luxury hotel has become “a kind of White House annex”.  Capitalising on the president’s popularity among conservatives the hotel has marketed itself to Republican and conservative groups, hosting functions where the right-leaning can lean in unison on its Benjamin Franklin Bar.

But just as Coca Cola begat rival Pepsi, so too has the Trump International Hotel created the market for a new, left-leaning doppleganger. 

The 209-room Eaton Workshop will soon open its doors just six blocks from the Trump International hotel.  Branding itself as a haven for anti-Trump progressives, its website promises “an interdisciplinary hotel experience to travelers seeking inspiration, innovation and impact… set(ting) the stage for residing guests, locals and house members to congregate around creativity and consciousness-building”.

Its owners say the hotel’s ethos and design will “offer provocative content and programming, social and creative incubators, as well as a radical approach to food and beverage, wellness and the arts”.

According to The Economist, catering specifically to Washington’s liberal clientele is probably a savvy business move. Only 4% of voters in Washington, DC voted for Mr Trump.  So there’s an inherently bigger local market for Eaton Workshop than for the the Trump International.

In fact, The Daily Telegraph reported this week that the Trump International Hotel may already be feeling the squeeze.  The price of a two-night stay will be 52% less in January 2018 than it was at the time of the president’s inauguration last January.


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